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Bardic Arts

Song of the Summits

September, 2011 (A.S. XLVI)
Performed at September Coronet

Children of the griffon who stand fierce and proud and strong
Lift your spirits, lift your glasses, lift your voice in joyous song
For you dwell atop the mountain high above the cares of all
Until the Alpine Prince goes warring and you answer to his call 

Silver sharp and shining brightly stand the warriors of this land
Like the talons of the griffon, deadly ready to withstand
And repel a host of foemen who would threaten Alpine peace
Take the field with virtue, honor – by your deeds your fame increase

Silver is the griffon, azure is the grail
Green the laurel wreath which graces noble mountain pale
Prowess service artistry given freely without fail
For honor, kingdom, family the Summits will prevail

The griffon is a beast of glory, fair and wondrous to behold
And the artists of the Summits create masterworks untold 
Like the sun on silver feathers they shine forth in splendor bright 
Giving inspiration freely to enhance the Summits might

Beating in the sacred center of the griffon’s mighty breast
Lies the heart of our great mountain, that which truly makes our nest
Service offered is the lifeblood of this kingdom and this land 
Look to children of the mountain to rally forth and lend their hands 


To the Alpine Throne give reverence, the rulers of this place
To the Prince of strength and valor and his Princess full of grace
Virtue shining bright like silver to which all of us aspire
May they reign with love and glory, may they lead, serve and inspire

Welcome friend and join our family – all are welcome in our hall
For we value hospitality and friendship above all 
Be you newly come or old friend, griffons take care of their own 
Walk beside us and enjoy this our beloved mountain home 


"An Anthem for the Principality of the Summits, commissioned by His Highness Prince Durin and his Princess, Ceridwen. Performed for Summits Coronet, September 2011." -- Syele von der Rosen

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