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Bardic Arts

A Silly Little Peer Poem

2015 (A.S. XLIX)
Syele van der Rosen

In the great SCA there are people called peers. They work for their titles, some for many years. 
Some peers are Knights, and others are Royal. Some are called Pelicans, and others wear Laurel.
Some peers are short, and some peers are tall. Some peers don't use swear words, no NEVER at all! 
Some peers are cranky, and some peers are not. There are many peers! A lot and a lot!
Some peers are nice, and some peers are mean, but peers are just PEOPLE - you see what I mean?
Peers are not perfect - they're like you and me. They each have their good and their bad days you see.
So if you see a peer doing something not tasteful, try speaking to them and they’ll like be more graceful
If you see a peer doing something that’s neat, try telling them so - you’ll make them feel sweet! 
Peers are just people, who all started new – remember, one day that new Peer might be YOU!

"To make a Baroness smile." -- Syele van der Rosen

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