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Bardic Arts

On Western Heroes

by Syele von der Rosen
July, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

The call came to the Western King of trouble at the border
He called his sworn knights to him with a summons and an order
'My men,' King Titus spoke aloud, 'charge forth and have no fear
And bring me back the golden head of the lion of An Tir.'

CH: They'll say no, no, Prince of Cynagua, don't bring your polearm strong
We cannot stand against this man and fight the whole day long
They'll say no, no, Prince of the Mistlands, don't bring your army near
For I've only come on orders to defend my home An Tir

The Western army gathered, pennons lifted to the sky
"We'll march to the northern border find An Tir and drink it dry!
We'll leave no warrior standing who would threaten Western lands
To Gold Beach we shall go with weapons sharp and make our stand!"

CH: They'll say no, no, Prince of Oertha, don't bring your mighty axe
For with it you can show us all the prowess that we lack
They'll say no no, great King Titus, don't charge into the fray
For we only battle Westlands to defend An Tir this day

The battle raged until King Titus heard the Lion's cry
He stopped and shook His head and said 'you came to fight us…why?"
'We didn't want to battle,' said the Lion's mighty king…
'We thought we'd have a picnic just to celebrate the spring!'

CH: So we said Welcome An Tir's people, and Welcome An Tir's King
Pull up a chair,the weather's fair lets drink and feast and sing
Yes we say Welcome to the Northland, who ever has been dear….
I'll toast to the Western Army and I'll toast to good An Tir

They said No No, Prince of Cynagua, the swan with black wings raised
The An Tir army slept 'til noon after they heard your praise
They said No No, Dread Prince Alden, please do not bring your best
For all the known world knows you as a hero of the west
King Titus calls you now to kneel, his Hero of the West

"Written for the West/An Tir War, July 08. Last verse added onsite at the behest of HRM Titus, that I might call His Hero of the West, Prince Alden, into Court to be recognized as such." -- Syele von der Rosen

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