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Bardic Arts

On the Making of a Knight

by Syele von der Rosen
March, 2007 (A.S. XLI)

Noble son of western soil
Twice blessed by swans upon your brow
Heed the dukes who come to call you
To the king you answer now

Belt of red upon you girded
Oaths you swore to follow Knight
One to Garick, full of wisdom
One to Conorís strength and might

Many years upon your journey
Many thorns to mark your way
Many words of wisdom given
Before you are made Knight this day

Kneel before your King and kingdom
Kneel and swear your oath to Crown
Kneel, and let your brothers witness
Kneel and hear of your renown

On the sword you made your promise
Now you serve, speak and protect
Man of honor, patience, virtue
These your new station reflect

Silver spurs, the gift of Garick
Placed upon your boots to show
On your warhorse banner flying
Where King commands, there shall you go

Chain of fealty marks your sworn oaths
Given by gracious Helgiís hand
Link by link it binds your promise:
Honor King and all His lands

Belt of white, the gift of Fabian
Given from the Queenís embrace
Shows to all your virtue, prowess
Marks your peerage, and your place

Desert flower draws the belt round you
Atenís daughter, Ericís prize
Stefana fair completes the circle
In your hands our honor lies

Blade of silver bearing crescent
Gift from Conor, twice a king
Know temperance and mercy always
Of your deeds the world shall sing

Today you are no more a squire
By King and circle recognized
Dubbed and given royal buffet
Before all of your kingdomís eyes

May your path be ever blessed
Guarded now by belt of white
Lucky are we who bore our witness
The day that Eric was made a knight.

"Written for Sir Eric van Roosebeke." -- Syele von der Rosen

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