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Bardic Arts

On Farewell

2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Syele van der Rosen and
Valbrandr Hrafnsbrodir

The clouds are dark, and I hear Thor's hammer over the mountains. 

My tears are the only rain.

I can't stop crying.

Even mighty Thor is angry in his hall. The shards of the blade he forges for our friend who comes fall like liquid silver to the ground, as Mjolnir crafts a blade for a hero.

Lightning sparks the sky, lighting the warrior's path to Valhalla. Valkyries gather to herald our hero to the mead hall of the All Father.

We shall scream his name to the heavens and the Gods will know that a warrior walks their way.

Giants tremble, and Fenris rattles his chains, for Ragnar Shield Breaker walks the road to the endless battlefield.

Upon the stone we carve his rune. We offer mead and wine, blood and tears. All stand with swords drawn, honoring him so great the world could not hold him.

Hail, Ragnar! Son of a thousand battles! Widow maker! Gold giver!

Hail, Ragnar! Father of laughter! Oath keeper and friend of the friendless!

Hail Ragnar! Strong as the Summits! Pure as the Grail's Water! Noble as the Griffin!

Our lives fall in shadow at his passing yet come into new light as he looks to us from the mead hall. We now live, love, and laugh for our hero, our friend.

Joyous tales fill the hall of heroes, as Ragnar takes his place among the legends of the Summits. 

A Noble Songbird sings his song.

Small though that voice may be it lifts his word fame to the Gods.They stop and fall silent to hear the tales of a hero.

Through sorrow comes strength. Through grief comes glory.

The clouds part, and a silent sky stands witness, the echo of his laugh upon the hills and on our hearts.

Sun rains upon the hills, as tears of friends flow like rivers.

Our hearts are one, his family, as we say goodbye.

"Co-written with my friend Baron Valbrandr Hrafnsbrodir as we gave voice to our sadness at the loss of our brother Ragnar." -- Syele van der Rosen

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