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Bardic Arts

Odin's Son

Original tune and words
October, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

A Western son of Odin strong
A spartan man of war
Now seeks his wordfame there to speak
Upon this Western shore

Walk well your path great Western knight
To Kara fair be true
And know wherever you may walk
Kara walks with you

For Kara golden, sweet and fair
His sword shall cleave the field
He shall not falter fall or rest
Nor shall his throat he yield

Swing well your sword great Western knight
to Kara dear be true
And know whatever foes you fell
Kara smiles for you

Bears well he does the Aten rose
Bestowed by Asa's hand
Her eye to keep him safe until
He rules this Western land

Hold high your shield great Western Knight
to Kara sweet be true
But know whether you live or die
Kara will hold you

"Original Words and Music by THL Syele von der Rosen, 2005, in honor of Uther's ascension to the throne of An Tir. Reworked at October Crown in honor of His Majesty's current reign." -- Syele von der Rosen

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