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Bardic Arts

Muse of Darkness

January, 2012 (A.S. XLVI)
Performed at Twelfth Night

Muse of darkness and angel's delight
Eyes of ice and a heart of pure gold
Once came forth from the An Tir night
Crafting splendor and wonders untold

Lady of eastern and western worlds
Draped in silk and layered in pearls
Comes now for a wreath to grace her dark curls
I sing of my Magdalena, yes I sing of sweet Erzebeta

Eastern princess in silken raiment
Silver and pearls adorn her as befits
This noble lady of royal descent
A model of grace, of skill and of wit


Western fraulein in linens so fine
Woolens dress you as well as a Queen
Kneel now before the thrones, take what is thine
For the labors you love are the labors they've seen


The honor is ours, daughter of the sea
To see you ascend with love and with pride
Serve now your kingdom, swear ever to be
Scholar and craftsman, teacher and guide


"Written for the elevation of Viscountess Erszebeta Magdalena, OL in the Kingdom of the West. Original words and music by yours truly." -- Syele von der Rosen

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