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Bardic Arts

Lokissongr -- In Praise of Katla

May, 2014 (A.S. XLIX)
Performed at Beltane Coronation
Syele van der Rosen

All that is gold doesn't come from the earth
Some precious metals are a good soul's worth
All silver treasure doesn't come from the ground
Some of life's greatest gifts are made of sweet sound

Silver is her tongue
All homage to her sing
A laurel of the West
Our Kat comes to her King

First comes la Sirena, the caller on the waves
The singer of the greatest deeds of any tourney day
Beware the sirens song for when it echoes o'er the land
Any blessed to hear it is enchanted by her hand


Next comes the raven girl who flies on darkest wings
Praise to the black swan her first songs did sing
Our Raven full of memory of strength and wit and thought 
Known also as a pelican for service that she sought


Now comes the wolf, the stalker of the night
All can see the glory of her fierce and primal might
A master to her core, here Loki's child stands
Before the Western throne to take a wreath from Thorfinn's hands


"Written for the Laurel Elevation of Baroness Katla Loki Ulfsdottir, OL, OP. Original music and verses by Viscountess Syele Thorsdottir, inspired by Egil's ransom song from Egil's Saga. May 2014

A video of the song as well as the continuing elevation ceremony can be seen at: - credit to Michael McPartland for the video." -- Syele van der Rosen

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