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Bardic Arts

Lift the Silver

Beltane Coronation, May, 2015 (A.S. L)
Syele van der Rosen

CH: Lift now your silver blade and defend
Your Queen and your Kingdom, your family and your friends
Be forever known for your prowess and your grace
First mistress of defense among your peers now take your place

Once to the field a young duelist made her way
Her armor loaned and dented yet she came back every day
So many times she fell but twice as often she did rise
Her sword was newborn lightning and knowledge was her prize


Months and years flew by as our young fighter learned her art
Though many took the simple route she also did her part
Serving also off the field so loyal brave and true
She set a fine example and her quest for knowledge flew


Soon came the day her blade of lightning came into its own
She found the dance within her and her warriorship was shown
One journey may have ended but a new path now you start
So face it with your prowess with your wits and with your heart


"Written for the elevation of Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne, premier Mistress of Defense of the West Kingdom at Beltane 2015. (Note: I wrote it in such a manner that substitutions can be made that the song can be sung for others and shared – substitute ‘first’ for new, his for her, etc. that the order can have it as a song if they wish) Illadore is one of my heroes, and I was honored and proud to be part of her beautiful day. " -- Syele van der Rosen

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