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Bardic Arts

In Praise of Cyneswith the Mad

by Syele von der Rosen
May, 2008 (A.S. XLIII)

As humble squire did I kneel and ask a Duchess fair
If I could bear her favor, and set roses on her hair
I took up arms and fought my best, my will it did not sway
Until the Misty morning came that my sword won the day

For Cyneswith did I raise my sword in reverence and pride
For Cyneswith's honor of all ladies cannot be denied
A laurel wreathed in pelican wings, a Rose in virtue clad
I only wish she'd warned me on that day that she was mad

To Cyneswith, Princess of the Mists, all honor shall you give
And if she smiles upon you while I guess I'll let you live

But mad or no, fair Cyneswith rules her lands with honor strong
She strove and strove to make those Swanfolk try to get along
But when the day came to us that the Swan would breach our lands
It was the fearless Cyneswith, took that Swan Princess in hand

While Constantina came to court and tossed her golden hair
'twas Cyneswith the Mad who took her to task – Cynaguans all, beware!
For if there is one thing that you would know about our fair Princess
Of all the dinners she could have, tis Swan she likes the best


She likes it roasted, broiled or grilled, she eats it with fine wine
No matter what the choices are, on swan mad Cyneswith dines
With a bottle of good Cabernet, she smiles with pure delight
For the swan she dines upon this eve is the one who tried to bite

I raised my armies far and near to travel to Vinhold fair
For the swan's dark eyes did covet the ample vineyards there
But Cyneswith beat me to the punch, and had their feathers plucked
And at the fair Cyneswith's request those swans looked just like ducks


So Cynaguans I would warn you, pay heed to what I say
When you are fighting Cyneswith, plan not to win the day
For as noble a rose as our princess is she is not a fragile flower
But she'll gladly lift a glass to you and toast your final hour

These are the words of Mistslands Prince not of his head of court
I'm sure His Highness breathlessly awaits your best retort
For Eyvindr brought an army, and Syele brought a pen
So one way or the other, we'll just beat you down again


"Written for Prince Eyvindr at the Mists/Cynagua War." -- Syele von der Rosen

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