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Bardic Arts

Western Warband

Siobhán ní hEodhusa
Twelfth Night (January), 2000 (AS XXXIV)

Rise up, rise up ye warriors
Rise up rise up say I
Now raise the banner of the West
Now raise the battle cry

          And shout,
          Ho ro! (Ho ro!)
          Lay em low! (lay em low!)
          Western warband working woe
          (Sunset fallen on the foe!)

Let not the sword cool in the sheath
It cries out to be drawn
The axe and halberd, mace and pike
Are eager to lay on
Come Darkwood with your hearts of oak
Come Crosston, bold and true
Come Silver Desert, Come Allyshia
Honor calls to you!
Let Vinhold press on every side
Let Tarnmist stand unshaken
Hold fast, MacLachlainn and Mac Tir
Nor let the day be taken
Angels, Ravens, spread your wings
Griffons and Phoenix rise!
The Pride’s dark claws are all unsheathed
They hunt for glory’s prize
When daylinght ends and battle too
And revels are what we wish-a
There then emerge the mighty hosts
Of our Party Militia
          Tankards clash, dancers swing
          Cooks serve forth and voices sing
          Raise the glass and give the cry:
          How many of these can we make dry?!

"Written for King Fabian, who requested a war song ‘along the lines of March of Cambreadth’’ Stung to the quick (it’s a long story), I responded with this song more along the lines of army marching cadence, with the little envoi at the end just because." -- Siobhán ní hEodhusa

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