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Bardic Arts


Siobhán ní hEodhusa
Purgatorio (August), 1999 (AS XXXIV)

Mac Tir marched in on Mayday morn
          Bearing a brave burden:
Uther, honor-bright, and Osa his queen
          High were the hearts of that host!
The set seed spreads its roots
          Cleaves close to the earth
Defends its field from forces that wear
          Even as the soul sustains it.
Master and Man unmade their bond
          Ere new oaths bound Uther.
Now man and man they meet again
          The Crown casts a new link.

The sun strengthens as summer waxes
          It gives of its gold freely
Fields are soon full of the finest gold
          They too in turn will give it.
The Hound’s hand is healed we see
          Its selflessness shown in a scar
Bright blood it gave, it bore wounding
          Wealth wells from it now

The fir, green fronds yet full in winter
          Is lore that life continues
The oak bears up without such armor
          What read ye in this rune
Flying full in the face of danger
          Never known to father
Keen in contest Uther carved out
          A river of roses for Osa

The King who called me to claim a bardship
          My spirit shall sing him ever
The poets’ patron – well to praise him!
          With my whole heart, I have done.

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