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Bardic Arts

Rhisiset o Mor Hafen

Siobhán ní hEodhusa
May, 1982 (AS XVII)

Sing ho! for the waves on the gray-green sea,
On the Whale's Road I would ride!
Far away from the too-still land I'd go;
To rock on the swells my legs would go;
To stomp down the deck, and never land mo'!
I'd leave with the next high tide.

So you long for to plough the salt-foam sea
Oh! the gray-green sea and the sky! --
For your home on deck with the stinging spray,
And a place on a rough-rocked coast to weigh.
I see you would leave the next good day
As I see grey-green in your eyes.

To the Sea Haven is a long, hard haul,
But I'll leave soon as I may,
For I'm tired of treading the hard earth down
Among land-lovin' sods who hide in towns
Whom tempest and wind make the breakers pound;
Ah, no, that is no life for me!

With the wild, wet wind to feed your sail,
By the cut of your figured prow
You could go my friend to the Sea Haven
To live the life of free sailing men,
But you know you will never see it again:
You must stay ever land-locked now.

So these are the voices he hears in his head
As he walks by himself on shore,
And the murmer of the dying tide,
It echoes the way that he dies inside,
For with no ship, here he must abide,
Never sail, never live, ever more.

But still, you can see, when the wind is high,
The sea in his gray-green eyes.
And you know that he's never really ceased
To hope that someday he'll be released
To stride, once again, across the seas --
Oh! the gray-green sea and the sky!

© May, 1982, Leigh Ann Hussey

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