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Bardic Arts

The Three Minstrels

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit and
Cynthia FitzColline von Schlüssel
(Date unknown)
Tune: The Three Ravens

There were three minstrels in a tree,
     down a down hey down hey down
They were as gross as they might be,
     with a down
Their songs, they weren't entirely fit,
And alas! it wasn't wit!
     with a down, derry derry derry down, down.

They sat all in that tree sae high, ...
And sang their songs but to the sky, ...
(They'd tried them on faire companye:
And that's why they were in that tree!) ...

And as they sat there on that limb,
Wishing the pickings weren't so slim,
They spied a fair and comely lass,
Who by their tree did chance to pass.

They looked each other in the eye,
And said, "As maid, she'll not pass by:
We ask a tribute, verily,
From maids who pass beneath our tree!"

They leaped down upon the grass,
And smiled at this young winsome lass,
"Pass by, and go your way," they said,
"But first, we'll have thy maidenhead."

She heard them speak and blushed sae red,
For the wanting of her maidenhead.
This bold request distressed her sore --
She'd lost it many years before!

The sun had passed through all the day
Ere this young lass went on her way.
They each had danced full merrilie --
While the others played the harmony!

Now, it was not a month before
Her gift to them did make them sore,
And in another two or three
Their gift to her was plain to see.

The child a herald born was he,
And did delight in blazonry.
Since marshalling must never be,
In pile, three coats of arms bore he!
     with a down, derry derry derry, down, down!

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