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Bardic Arts

The Prince of Spring

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
March 16, 1985 (AS XIX)

The Prince of Spring shall chosen be,
    All aday and alaydeo!
Adorned in nature's heraldry,
    All aday and alaydeo!
And take his throne in panoply
    All aday and alaydeo!
Before the summer's majesty
    All aday and alaydeo!

A Prince's task in spring is clear:
    All aday ........
To arm his folk, for war is near.
To lead his armies in the fray
And strive full well to win the day.

On Tourney days in summer's time
We spend our hours as in rhyme,
And combat, art, and courtesy
Mark our joy as minstrelsy.

The Prince of Fall shall chosen be
While all around the storms blow free.
The snows adorn his victory,
While ardour fades in winter's lea.

A Prince's task in fall is clear:
To guard his realm from perils near;
Take counsel for the months ahead,
And 'ware the counsel of the dead.

And in the calm of winter's chill,
When outside foes at last are still,
To yet keep harm and strife at bay
From foes within, and causes fey.

Our Princes change each spring and fall,
And one thing is required of all:
That each Prince well maintain his Throne --
For his Heir shall reap as he has sown.
    All aday and alaydeo!

Copyright ©1984, David C. Thewlis

"This song was written for the Mists Coronet Tournament won by Gaius Auklandus, March 16, AS XIX, 1985." -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

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