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Bardic Arts

A Mists Marching Song

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
Fall, 1984 (A.S. XIX)

Our Princes are all skilled in lore
   (Our Princes are all skilled in lore)
They like peace as well as war
   (They like peace as well as war)

Chorus:   By your right flank march, pikes at hand,
               Forward, ho! for the Fair Mistland,
               Right flank march, pikes at hand,
               Forward, ho! for the Fair Mistland.

Greyhelm's reign had moral tone:
   (Greyhelm's reign.....)
Cloving came into its own


Maythen was a mighty foe,
Six different ways she laid them low


Geoffrey's war plans were no bluff:
Even Flieg had fought enough!


Form up close and gather nigh,
Reception's best with your pikes held high


It's nineteen years since this begun,
And the Mist's the best since Minus One!


Copyright ©1984, David C. Thewlis

"This song was composed for (and during) the Bard of the Mists Competition in AS XIX, which I won. One part of the Competition was to write (in about 30 minutes) and perform "a marching song for the warriors of the Principality." Note that the Competition rules didn't specify a war song, but a marching song. Anyone who has been in the military -- or for that matter is familiar with "Sound Off" -- knows the distinction. So I wrote an SCA "Sound Off." This is a classic marching song where one voice sings each line of the verse and the line is then repeated by the rest of the marchers. Then they sing the[y] chorus together. Only a few verses are recorded here (as with all marching songs, the majority of the verses are extemporaneous and not printable). " -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

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