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Bardic Arts

John Barleycorn Must Die!

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
1983 (A.S. XVIII)

Chorus:   Now let us rejoice, put sorrow away,
               Our Savior, John Barleycorn, has died on this day!

   They have put him down young,
      And watchéd him grow,
   And they've cut him down in his prime
      When his worth he did show.


   They have hangéd him up
      For three days or more,
   Then they crushed him and pressed him,
      Which distressed us full sore.


   They have placed his remains
      In wood and in clay,
   And in barrels have hidden him
      Far from the light of day.


   To redeem us to joy
      He was put here on earth,
   And this grace he'll accomplish
      By death and rebirth!


   We shall drink of his blood
      All from a nut-brown bowl,
   And this shall refresh us
      In body and soul.



Copyright ©1983, David C. Thewlis

"This song was written prior to my tenure as Bard of the Mists. The chorus comes from Oak, Ash, and Thorn: they sent out a postcard of their appearances with the chorus on it, and I couldn't resist the chorus. 'The rest is history.'" -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

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