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Bardic Arts

The Gryphon and The Unicorn

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
Fall, 1983 (AS XVIII)

All in the North, beyond the Mists,
Where the winds blow wild and free,
There dwelt a fair young Unicorn
By the shoulder of the sea.

Unicorns, as the legends tell,
Choose companions carefully,
And the fairest maid in all the Realm
Would be honoured so to be.

"Alas, Alas!" quoth this Unicorn,
"I'll be lonely 'til I die.       "It's lonely shall I be.
Why should I be charmed by a fair young maid
When a fair young maid 'tis me?" I.
"But if fair maids are not what I seek,
What companionship shall there be?
What noble heart and soul to hold
A Unicorn so free?"

She sought then far and wide on land,
And far and wide on sea,
But no sign revealed a noble beast
Her companion bold to be.

The Lyon met she, and the Wolf,
The Tyger running free,
The Wyvern and the Hippogrif,
But none her choice could be.

She turned her then unto the sky,
And searched right wilfully,
Till one day she met a Gryphon bold
Dancing in the clouds so free.

"Oh, Gryphon bold," said the Unicorn,

"Come thou and dwell with me, ... and go with me
I'll be thy consort and thy heart, ... and thy friend,
And you my companion be."

"Oh no, Oh no," cried the Gryphon bold,
"This thing, it ne'er could be,
That you, a noble Unicorn
Should join with such as me.

"I am a fierce and savage beast,
Small versed in courtesy,
And though I love, my heart has not
The words to speak to the."

"Oh, Gryphon bold," said the Unicorn,

"Though what you say be so, ... say may be,
Thou art my choice and my desire, ... choice above all else,
Among all both high and low." And so would I have thee.

"If this be so," said the Gryphon bold,
"I shall freely join with thee,
Be you my consort and my heart, friend,
And I thy champion be.

The Unicorn and the Gryphon bold
Journeyed south along the sea,
And in the heartlands of the Mists
They came to High Tourney.

The Gryphon strove in valour strong,
Honour and Chivalry,
And brought Coronet and Throne,
To the Unicorn and he.

So let us all sing praises of them,
Who reign in harmony,
The Unicorn and the Gryphon bold,
Merowyn and Geoffrey!

Copyright ©1983, David C. Thewlis

"This song was written for the Investiture of Geoffrey of Gryffonsgard and Merowyn de Lyonesse as Prince and Princess of the Mists, Fall AS XVIII, 1983; it predates my becoming Bard of the Mists by about a year. Between the writing and performance of the song, Geoffrey and Merewyn broke up, resulting in some quick changes at the performance; those changes are indicated as alternative phrases on the right." -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

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