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Bardic Arts

The Great Days of The Year

Siegfried von Hoflichskeit
September 22, 1984 (AS XIX)

When first we sought to recreate the ages we hold dear,
Our Tourneys came to happen on the Great Days of the year,
For even as our forefathers, we found it ever so:
The great days were to celebrate, and honor friend and foe.

The day when sun shines brightest, and the day when night holds sway,
The two days when the six-month Kings stand balanced in the fray.
And also the cross-quarters, when the Lady's Grace is near,
That make the eight great days that span the turning of the year.

Upon these days, in ages past, our ancestors drew near,
To honor each the Gods and Goddesses that kept the year,
By games, and strife, and worship, gave they each their grace and due,
And these sleeping memories in each of us awoke anew.

    We fought to grace our Ladies, and to honor worthy foes,
    We fought in joy and friendship that Knight's camarad'rie knows,
    And sometimes, when the day was right, a Power came our way,
    And a Presence seemed to grace our swords that day.

Yet as the years have carried us, our revelries and strife,
Long ago our chance encounters have become a way of life,
We hold tourney, feast, and revel, week by week and day by day,
And the enchantment of the Known World bonds us all from May to May.

And as our common ties have grown, and custom formed our ways,
Less and less we've known the honor and the grace of the great days.
But sometimes it may come to pass, and yes, the Gods still hear,
When we come to fight a tourney on a great day of the year.

And on a great day like today, the equinox of Fall,
With the Coronet in balance, and the six-month Kings in thrall,
We give honor, grace and glory, to all that we hold dear,
When we choose a Prince in battle, on a great day of the year.

    We fight to grace our Ladies, and to honor worthy foes,
    We fight in joy and friendship that Knight's camarad'rie knows,
    But we're granted a much larger boon, to know a Presence near,
    When we fight upon the great days of the year.

Copyright ©1984, David C. Thewlis

"This song was written for the Mists Coronet Tournament, September 22, AS XIX, 1984, on the occasion of my being invested as Bard of the Mists." -- Siegfried von Hoflichskeit

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