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Bardic Arts

The Nestling
Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna
October 12, AS XXXV (2000)
On the Occasion of Anastacia Grindstead of Ravenoak’s
admittance to the Order of the Pelican

Behold the Pelican mother upon her broad nest.
Gently she tends the future, watching the clutch of eggs with care,
‘Gainst cold winds, wings withstand the trial; she is proved worthy.
On the sea she hunts, ensuring with each fish the best growth rate.
The hatchlings look to their parents to show them the way. Both parents patiently wait.

Behold the Pelican Order, service is their Quest.
They give aid and strengthen us and our future in all they dare.
They boldly lead us, standing tall in deeds done deftly.
They have bade us serve and, just as they do, help to bear the weight.
Thus, as the chick, do the single laurel leaves daily look up to these few but great.

Behold the Pelican hatchling, newest in the West!
Ages it seems she has pecked at the hard shell to reach the air.
Extolled by word. By hand rewarded. By deed rightly
Won and fitting praise sung, decked in white and black before her fate,
Anastacia, you now go to stand, amid Peers gaily clad, before King and State.

"This piece was a gift for Mistress Anastacia. Words cannot express my gratitude for all she has done for me and those I love. The piece is counted syllable scheme of 13-15-13-15-20 with an end rhyme scheme of A-B-C-D-E, there is some unstructured alliteration and imagery. The line mentioning how Anastacia is clad is of course due to my asking, “So, what are you going to wear?” Being a surprise gift, I thought I’d work on it well in advance and get everything right. Of course, I failed to ask again what she would be wearing after my initial inquiry. To my surprise, that had changed by the time of the ceremony. Silly me!" -- Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna

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