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Bardic Arts

Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna
On the occasion of the Crowning of Hauoc and Ginevra, King and Queen of the West
Purgatorio, AS XXXVI (August 25, 2001)

Hark good gentles of The West; hail, unto Hauoc and Ginevra, joyously we greet our King and Queen!

Honor and valor are the winds that give flight to Your banners, the bold colors beneath which we gather.

Noble King, oh chivalry's pride; let great bells ring out, let doves take wing to proclaim the bliss in our hearts.

Gracious Queen, Your beauteous mien and gentle manner inspire all that have seen Your bright countenance.


The long road to this auspicious time is at an end. 'Round the fires Your honored Royal names are sung.

Let brazen trumpets in triumph blare out Your fame. A rare and regal pair gives golden glory to the West.

Proudly, we behold Your Majesties. From Lochac to cold Oertha, be it told that none exceed You.

Let the Kingdoms proclaim Their envy! No other realm can name You Their own; The West alone boasts that claim.


Hark and hear me, Western nobles! Mark well this hallowed day. This day our King and Queen are become legend.

The Crown is worn and won with honor. Bender's fair sun rises with the promise of brave deeds to be done.

Throng to Their standard, host of the West, that They might lead us to conquest in peaceful and martial contest.

'Neath the blue vaults of heaven, we witness this fabled time. True hearts beat proudly for our new King and Queen.

"I did not get the opportunity to honor Hauoc the first time He was King of the West. The bonus was that when I got the opportunity to write for His second reign, I also got to write for His beautiful lady, Ginevra. Each Line is 25 syllables with a lot of alliteration and internal rhyming. The first alliterative sound in the first line of each stanza is significant. The sounds are H-R-H, because at the time of writing, Hauoc and Ginevra were the Crown Prince and Princess. This one was a joy to write." -- Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna

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