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Bardic Arts

Mistress Eilis
Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna
For her 25th Anniversary in the SCA, at June Crown, AS XXXIII

It came to be, thirty and three years past, The Dream. Those few who
          dreamt it gave us wonder to last.

In Anno Societatis Eight, The Dream gained strength and beauty, Lady
          Eilis had entered The Realm.

Through troubles, triumph and tears she stood steadfast, strong, proudly
          like the oak; though others might fade fast as the flowers.

Bold in action, blessed with as keen a wit as a razor's edge and more swift
          than the hawk. Eilis added teeth to The Dream.


Wide the well of her wisdom and deep. Brightly burns the beacon of her
          knowledge, lamp of learning.

Years have been born and died, a score and five Eilis has guided The Dream;
          helped to build this fairest of realms

And like a proud Icini Queen she strides the wold with her daughters fair,
          these eyes see a reflection of those times.

She gifts with grace this magic world we cherish. Oh, fair beauty which time
          has but perfected, not ruined, dream longer still.

"This was a gift for Eilis' 25 anniversary. It has no particular rhyme scheme, but is alliterative. The first line of each stanza is 23 syllables (stressed and unstressed) and progresses by two syllables until the fourth line which is 29 syllables. It was fun to do and a great honor was given me by Eilis after the performance, it made her smile and she filled my mug with peach cider ... what more could a Bard want?" -- Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna

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