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Bardic Arts

In The Land of The Swan
Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna
Cynagua Investiture, Jan. 30, 1999 (AS XXXIII)
For Falan and Denise, upon their stepping down as
Prince and Princess of Cynagua

Through greening fields, all in the spring, I’ve wandered here and yon
And beauty was my share and more in lands that serve The Swan.
The glories of the blossoms that crown the verdant trees
Cannot compare to the grandeur rare that is The Ebony Swan.

In summer’s heat we taste the sweet and ripened fruit soon gone.
And many’s the night I’ve sung ‘til light beside the fire of The Swan.
The joy and kinship shared there is honey from the bee.
Oh, none compares for welcoming to tourney with The Swan.

When autumn browns the leaves and ground and turns the fields to tawn’
And harvest greets with grain and meat to stock and store for The Swan.
The feasting boards are laden with fare for you and me.
None can compare for bounty to the table of The Swan.

Now winter’s cold has changed the gold of barley fields to wan.
And in the halls behind stout walls we shelter with The Swan.
Our forts are manned by watchful kin, the best you’re e’er to see!
For none compare in valor to the warriors of The Swan.

So come you here into The West by fate you have been drawn
Or be you born as native here in lands ruled by The Swan.
Be glad your lot was chosen to live here proud and free.
None can compare to Cynagua fair or to The Ebony Swan.

"This piece dedicated to Falan and Denise was written to show Cynagua in all of the seasons, but also to paint the picture of what a grand Principality They had ruled. Its rhyme scheme is A-A-B-A. It also makes use of internal rhyming and of course, imagery. Since the time I discovered how it can make a poem or song "chime" I've tried to incorporate that quality into my works.

It has a melody, but alas, I cannot transcribe it to notes on paper. However, for those interested in learning it via the tried and true oral tradition, I will teach the tune to you, if you like." -- Padráig Donn Mc Mathúna

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