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Bardic Arts

Warrior's Gate

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2001 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

        Here we stand, and here we wait:
        The guard upon the Warrior’s Gate.
        Here we wait and here we stand
        In the service of our land.

Beyond Oertha’s frozen beach is found the furthest Western reach,
And there our liege has sent our swords to bar the path of angry hordes.
We left our homes across the seas; we left our loves and families
For duty and for honor found upon this bleak and barren ground.


There is no mercy in this place and many are the foes we face.
We roast in summer’s ruthless heat; we freeze within the winter sleet.
We choke on dust and drown in mud that cakes our sweat or drinks our blood,
Yet while the foeman threatens still we must enforce our sovereign’s will.


Oh, you who live in lands at peace, remember what buys you release;
For some must ever make a stand, and some will die on foreign land.
So raise your tankards high with me amid the songs and revelry;
We’ll drink to those who watch and wait: The heroes of the Warrior’s Gate.


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