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Bardic Arts

The Quest
or, What You Mist At The Games
Owen ap Morgan
June, 2001 (AS XXXVI)
(Copyright 2001 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.)

It came upon a sunny morn;    The fog had fled the breeze.
For ale there was an empty horn   And herring filled the trees.
A stone bedecked a wand of thorn,   A bag of flaxen seeds;
From all of these a quest was born,   With nothing left to seize    But a brick.
The wisest creatures gathered nigh   To bargain and advise:
The owl and eagle of the sky,   With penetrating eyes.
The salmon of the sea so wide,   Who swims the river’s rise.
The forest stag that leaps so high.   Which one explains the prize   Of a brick?
The giant’s daughters, proud and fair,   Lead out with noble bearing.
The sturdy suitors followed there,   Bright arms and armor wearing;
With challenges for all to share.   “That damn fish ate my herring!”
O’er hill and dale and ev’rywhere   The stalwart bands yet faring   With a brick.
A witch beside her bubbling brew   Sent pigs and frogs to spring.
The weaver Fate with scissors true   Would sever life’s own string.
A fearsome goddess set to prove   What courtesy can bring.
A savage boar; his fervor grew   To fight with anything   But a brick.
Though yet the heroes quested strong   The day went passing quick,
With puzzles right and puzzles wrong   And herring flying thick;
With bows and blows to bring the throng   The giant’s wedding schtick
And all the while there strung along   That underhanded trick
That some suspected ere too long   While others just grew sick   Of that brick!

"This was written during the day and into the evening by Owen at Mists Games, June 9, AS XXXVI (2001), and presented during the Bardic Circle that evening. It pretty much laid everyone out, laughing ..." -- Hirsch von Henford

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