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Bardic Arts

The Swan's Charge

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2002 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

You have enlisted in Cynagua’s Guard;
Heed well, so that your service is not marred:
Keep practice long, so arms are strong.
Endeavor still to sharpen skill,
And if you cross the General it goes hard!

        Now hear the thunder of the fearsome horde,
        Now see him standing tall there with his sword,
        Now shout it far across the field before:
        Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the swans of war!

March resolutely on the practice field;
Well hone your sword and polish up your shield.
Improve your stance with spear or lance
Or axe or pike or what you like,
And never let the General see you yield!


Run to the prince and princess when they call;
Stand firm within the army’s shield wall.
Do not be slow, but bear a load
Or lend a hand at what you can,
And never give the General less than all!


Do not let challenges escape your claim;
Yet strive for service rather than for fame.
Do not be loud, nor over proud;
Let others tell what you do well,
And never bring the General cause for shame!


Keep all these rules that I have spoken true;
Let fealty and honor stay on view.
Let virtue rise; be known as wise.
Defend the swan till breath is gone,
And know that General Havoc goes with you!

(Chorus; repeat last line)

"(Inspired by Havoc's admonition to the new Cynaguan Guard in Jan. 2002)" -- Morgan ap Owen

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