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Bardic Arts

The Sun Never Sets

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2002 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

You talk of your kingdom; you boast of its worth;
Your proclaim its proud history and fame,
But yours did not spring up the first on the Earth.
Well you know who can hold to that claim!
When precedence orders of kings are compiled
There is one standing over the rest.
He raised the first sword while the elder gods smiled
Then bestowed him the crown of the West!

        Now the sun never sets on the land of the West,
        And our birth is the measure of time!
        As high as you get before taking your rest,
        We are the mountain you climb, you climb,
        We are the mountain you climb!

The start of the age was a tournament played
In the heart of our ancestral home;
We stood on that stage and the legends we made
Will go with you wherever you roam.
The world was our land and our land was the world
Til you children came into your own;
Today we still stand with our banners unfurled
Over wider expanse than you’ve known!

        For the sun never sets ...

The lands of the laurel have prospered and grown;
We have watched as you spread far and wide.
The oaths that you swore as you built each new throne
Keep us glad that we stand at your side.
We don’t often tell of the debt that is owed,
But however you tally the score,
Remember this well as you stride down your road:
You but go where we travelled before!

        For the sun never sets ...

"(The chorus is only a slight exaggeration, given that the chartered territory of the Far West extends to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.)" -- Owen ap Morgan

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