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Bardic Arts

Southern Cross

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2002 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

To each explorer going forth must come that fateful day,
To read the signs, to slip the lines, to sail upon their way.
The siren call still summons all who seek new worlds to gain,
The first, small step is what has kept the others that remain.
Now, if you know that lonely road will be the place for you,
Then choose a star when you depart to lead you straight and true.

        So turn your eye up towards the sky to find the Southern Cross;
        With it beside to be your guide you never will be lost.
        Go bravely on to meet the dawn all heedless of the cost,
        For you will steer to glory here beneath the Southern Cross!

The fledgling bird is gently stirred to try its wings in flight;
The yearling lamb becomes a ram the day he learns to fight.
A mother smiles to see her child go stumbling on the floor,
Then years go by and she will cry the day he leaves her door.
Before you can be called a man you have to walk alone,
But choose a star and let it mark the road you make your own.


And nations, too, must venture through that first decisive test
To raise their land to proudly stand as equals with the rest.
That day now comes; hear Lochac’s drums resound the marching beat!
They seek their fate past Western gates upon their own sure feet.
As if they made a grand crusade, the symbol that they bear
Will be a cross to mark their cause and go before them there.


"(Written for Lochac's ascension to kingdom)" -- Owen ap Morgan

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