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Bardic Arts

Portia's Song

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2002 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

There is a lonely tower standing by the Western Sea,
And all its windows look across that blue eternity.
She stands upon the balcony, defies the sea-wind’s chill,
But every teardrop falling makes the ocean wider still.
The future beckoned brightly in the autumn of the year,
But vagaries of politics and war compelled her here.
She waits now and she watches and she prays that she can stand
Until the day when she regains the freedom of her land.

Queen Portia, can you hear me across the miles apart?
Though you are far across the sea, you’re closer than my heart.
Queen Portia, can you hear me? Please answer if you do
The sea itself cannot exceed my loyalty to you.

The crown now seems to mock her as it sits upon her head:
What use those vows of service with your reach so limited?
Three quarters of the kingdom has become denied to you,
And where you stand already planned to sever their ties, too.
Now will your subjects lose their way without you there to guide?
The King bears double burden when you are not by his side.
Or are you just a memory left fading far behind?
If freedom came tomorrow what would you return to find?


She cannot quite ignore that nagging murmur of her doubt,
But still she clutches to her faith that things will all work out,
And so she greets the sunrise at the start of each new day,
To weep again when sunset does not find her on her way.
Be strong, my Queen, for we across the sea must suffer, too,
And in our hours of hardship even now we look to you
To lead the kingdom forward like a beacon in the night,
Until that day when we stand reunited in the light.


Coda (to second half of chorus):
Queen Portia, if you hear me, then know that we are true.
Rest easy there across the sea; the West belongs to you.

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