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Bardic Arts

The Pelican's Hymn

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 2002 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

The seneschal’s just taken victory in Crown;
The newsletter’s late and the web site is down
The exchequer seems to have flown to Brazil
The Baron looks ready to kill
But calmer heads know there’s an answer at hand
They come from the corners all over the land
To bind up the pieces with duct tape and string,
And while they’re at work they will sing:

        The Chivalry are glorious as they parade in state
        The Laurels are exalted for the beauty they create
        But when the Crown has been informed that things have hit the fan,
        The call goes out to find a Pelican.

The field is a puddle, it rained hard all night,
But still all the war bands are eager to fight
One herald, three marshals; not much of a crew,
And no water-bearers in view
Fear not; just start quietly spreading the news,
And help will appear to emerge from the ooze
To shoulder the load with the courage of ten.
Now listen, they’re singing again:

        The Chivalry are eagles soaring proudly through the sky
        The Laurelate are peacocks catching everybody’s eye
        But it is just as true today as back when time began
        For dirty jobs you need a Pelican.

The toilets are backed up, the kitchen’s a mess
The King and Queen showed up with twenty-three guests
The autocrat’s down with intestinal flu
Now everyone’s looking at you
So off to the closets you wade through the slop,
And gird for the battle with plunger and mop
You’ll find you have comrades both stalwart and strong,
And soon they will teach you their song:

        For if you cannot set aside the problems you have heard
        And if you keep on answering the least entreating word
        You’ll find yourself in court some day, but neither wreathed nor spurred;
        The Crown has only given you the bird.

Then hold your head up as you go join the rest,
Ignoring the blood that will flow from your breast
There may be no glory, there may be no fame,
There may be no riches to claim
But even if nobody knows what you do,
The kingdom can still rest securely on you
Accept that for whatever balm it can bring,
And deep in your heart you can sing:

        The Chivalry fight bravely for the honor of the King
        The Laurels keep the dream alive; of these the bards will sing
        But deep in the foundation of the great eternal plan
        You’ll find that every brick’s a Pelican.

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