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Bardic Arts

March Crown XXX

Owen ap Morgan
[Copyright © 1996 by Earl P. Jones. All rights reserved.]

A blazing streak against the dark
All stop to view the fateful spark
But Madeline would brave its fire
To ask about her heart's desire
O dreadful comet, tell me right
This coming day, how fares my knight?

With hearkened ear she hears its lore
The day shall dawn as none before
Four princes heed their king's behest
To find the heir to all the West
To one and all, you and your lord
Will stake your claim upon his sword

Now, Madeline, stand true and strong
Your lord needs both from you ere long
For wolves are not to daylight born
And Eastern peril comes with morn
Yet though he falls, it matters not
A minor stumble, soon forgot

When four are left, late in the day
John comes to face him in the fray
Though Alden strike from off his knees
The victory is his to seize
Loud will the hawk above you cry
The sun is fading from this sky

Next Philip brings time-proven strength
To gauge young Alden's worth at length
Three times struck down to rise again
A deed to daunt two lesser men
Fair Madeline, you should not fret
Your lord will wear the laurels yet

One foe remains, but at night's fall
The wolf is master over all
And doughty Michael, brave and bold
Is as a lamb within the fold
At last, alone in all the land
Your Alden on the field shall stand

Before the king will Alden bow
The laurel proud upon his brow
And roses are his gift to you
Whose love and beauty bring him through
Five princes now assume the place
That earlier but four did grace

A blazing streak against the dark
All stop to view the fateful spark
But Madeline has learned full well
What doom the comet has to tell
Across the sky bright omens spring
Proclaiming "Alden shall be king!"

"(At this event, the royalty of all four principalities attended, there were signs and portents in the sky, and Alden won for Madeline.)" -- Owen ap Morgan

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