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Bardic Arts

A Western Ordeal
Oisin mac Uislenn
June Crown, AS XLVII
(June 22-24, 2012)

A sword, newly blooded
The blade tells a tale
In the secret language
of the nicks and the notches

This word, having survived the day
Tells the tale of an ordeal
A journey through the day
To win or to loose a Crown

Here, a blow cleanly delivered
Here, a blow deftly parried
Here, is a fight won
Here, is a fight lost

60 battered blades tell a tale
Much the same as this one
60 blades fought at least 14 fights
Some more, and for some the ordeal went on

8 swords went further still
7 more fights to choose the final two
3 good Knights, 4 Viscounts, and one Earl
Took their swords onward in search of a crown
From the 8, 4 went forward
Si Jost, Sir Roger, the Viscount Evandr
And the Obsreperous Earl
In the end stood two

Sir Jost von Luck
Fighting for feisty Helga
Sir Roger Stockton for his lovely Zanobia
Three more fights to add to the total

In the end it would be decided by a single fight
But to reach that fight, roger fought 3
4 more than his foe
one and 30 fights, a Western Ordeal

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