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Bardic Arts

Valgard and Megan
Oisin mac Uislenn
Summer, AS XXIX

Valgard valiantly sallies forth   Alfred with vigor swings his reply
Blow upon blow exchanging
On the side Megan sees all   As these champions strive for the win
A western Crown to be won
A strong blow sounds out   silence descending
Valgard the victor
A war in the North awaits   As the An Tirans invade
The Land of the West
Our Crowns with courage stand forth   A King and a Queen armed for war
Inspiring the West to the field
Battle upon battle descending   Both hold their ground
With the West rallied forth
Their battles both won   Their duty to the West having done
Their reign comes to its close.

"Presented to the King and Queen at the request of Stefan and Angelika at Arts and Sciences. The form is the Skaldic Ljodahattr "Meter of Chants"." -- Oisin mac Uislenn

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