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Bardic Arts

Oisin mac Uislenn
Purgatorio, AS XXIX

Behold! Our mighty Warrior Queen
Come, Westerners gather ye around
Ye in your armor all agleem
As our Queen boldly in her Crown
Strives armored forth to defend this sacred ground
To stop the An Tirans cold
With their great armies bound
Our own Queen Warrior bold

An inspiration she is to us all
We warriors and knights and squires who
Beckon to the war horns call
And meet with blood on the morning dew
Our Queen inspiring us to a mighty coup
And tales will young warriors be told
Of the warriors who fell to
Our own Queen Warrior bold

The Western Armies gather around
For their Queen calls them now
To defend from our foes, Western ground
She calls on our pride our sacred vows
And to this request we do bow
To a sight most magnificent to behold
So come gather around her now
Our own Queen Warrior bold

So Westerners gather thee around
Megan, our Queen Warrior of old
Who with her own blade had defended this ground
Megan, our own Warrior Queen bold.

"Presented to Her Majesty Megan at Purgatorio, composed for His Highness Stefan's war units Lions Hold and presented for me by Ivone Ponsleyer. The form is a Classical French Ballade." -- Oisin mac Uislenn

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