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Bardic Arts

For Crown, A Beautiful October Day
Oisin mac Uislenn
October Crown Tournament, AS XLVII
(October 12-14, 2012)

For Crown, a beautiful October Day
Knights Errants and Squires inspired by their Love
Came together to fight hard and to play
And Ladies lovely to inspire with Love

They day was filled with most chivalrous fights
None more so than from those final four
The Ritter Brion with Bellatrix might
The Viscount Miles always eager for more

Alfar Utherson the unbelted Count
And Obadiah the Obstreperous Earl
Ketiley and Ascelin the blows they would count
A final blow would break the curse of the Earl

Ob would overcome with perspiration
Revived and restored by Ascelin’s inspiration

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