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Bardic Arts

Why We Fight
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
May 15, AS XXXIV (1999)

Thing was calledto council Prince
men and womenwise, well-skilled
at William's needto choose an heir
in honor and lawto lead the Mists
Strength he must haveto turn back foes
in times of warto furrow fields
in times of peaceWrestling would prove
this right to rulePit one to other
until one standsbut strength will die
in sickness fadeno skill in that
to defeat onewhen thousand wait
Skill is neededto judge the land
where enemiesmay ready war
or build your craftto teach to others
A foot race wouldthis swift decide
to cross terrain,to judge, to choose
the safest pathbut shows no wit
when spell or trapmay catch or kill
and wise men bestthis problem solve
Wit is wantedwhen unknown fate
or trickster spritetries our soverign
that he may solveand save his lands
The riddle-trialto test resolve
and patience provebut not all men
with wit and mindhave toungue to speak
with edda's wordsand swords are sharp
cleave books in twofor strength 'gainst wit
proves fierce and fast.A day and night
in council satuntil with dawn
the answer foundTrial by combat
each man to manprove skill to skill
strength against strengthand wit to wit
thus all men musttest their worth to
wear coronet.And many did come
to ancient fieldwhere giants stood.
The crowning placeof Beltaine kings
The north gods watched;the clouds darkened
with thunderous fight;and each by each
defeated all they left the field
'til two, then onestood alone there
and he comes nowto claim his own.

Written for Mists Spring Investiture:

"Chad, the Lord of the Mists, called me about a week before Investiture with an idea; and since I hadn't any luck with a poem, I said I would try. He wanted a piece that centered not so much on the people who were to step up, but more on why the tournament was fought. Namely: why do we choose our princes by tournament. He also wanted to have a Viking theme to it. Fortunately, I knew a "thing" or three ..." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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