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Bardic Arts

Whose Daughter
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
November 20, AS XXXIV (1999)

The Seven colors in mantle here
     the golden branch in hand
Tis said I follow another's path
     who stood where I now stand
Her face and voice are with me now
     yet still you cannot see
I am my mother's daughter
     but that's not what I will be

The mace I carried against the foe
     to keep all safe and warm
and one before fought council's rule
     and all who wished us harm
His hands and deeds grow through my own
     a branch from stout oak tree
I am my father's daughter
     still that's not what I will be

In war I served both Prince and King
     with spears and arrows' flight
The hearalding horn I sounded clear
     made witness peer and knight
I go wherever they may command
     and follow in loyalty
I am my people's daughter
     yet that's not what I will be

My friends and kin have bound me here
     but bonds are my own choice
They give me strength to face the world
     add courage to my voice
In tree and roots my soul is forged
     from hills to rolling sea
I am my homeland's daughter
     and that thought sets me free

I am my Mistland's daughter
     and that is what I will be.

Written for Mists Fall Investiture, As Outgoing Bard [of the Mists]:

"For much of the time that I have spent in the SCA, I have always been known in some respect as my parent's daughter. When I traveled to Pennsic, I was amazed at how differently I was treated. This was written at Pennsic." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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