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Bardic Arts

Three Hearts and Three Gold Lions, rev. 1.1
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
(with respects to Randall of Hightower)
September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)

Praise from Bards is such old story
one or two, they shine with glory
Thought I should have my own share
chose two knights, both unaware
One is dark, and one is fair
together would make quite a pair;
watched these friends, (more like spy on)
Three red hearts and three gold lions

One's a Baron, such a smarty
jolly man, he love to party;
loves his games and singing too,
without he know not what to do.
His home shire is such a zoo
but they take such care of you.
Sit down here and entertain us
Three red hearts and three gold Le-us

T'other, Viscount, stern and noble,
try to cross him, don't get hopeful.
Does not like to come and play,
must use tricks to get your way
Cloondara gave him gifts one May;
Saw him crack a smile that day!
Maybe not so dour at all things.....<nah>
Three red hearts and three gold Ly-ings

Fighter's skill, who know which greater.
We'll find out sooner or later.
Hope they ne'er meet final round
for one friend will kiss the ground.
Someday though, they'll each win crown;
Party happen all around!
Wonder if they'll start to pow-wow
Three red hearts and three gold ....Meows

Song is over, as it should be
for they say the rest is hist'ry;
Baron still has place to play
now sails ships round Francis Bay,
Viscount moved down southern way
still we see him, come what may.
No one else would I this try on
but three red hearts and three gold lions.

This piece was written for the Mists Bardic Competition, and was the entry for 'Masterwork'.

"This is the one drug-induced song I think I will ever write. Its history is long and convuluted, but since I have to write it, you get to read it (he he he!) The tune is quasi-calipso written for the original "Three red hearts" written by the late Randall of Hightower (Randall Garrett). That piece is based off the book "Three Hearts and Three Lions" written by Bela of Eastmarch (Poul Anderson.) My mother (Dorothea of Caer-Myrddin), who knew both, would sing silly songs like this one at me as I grew up. (And people wonder why I turned out so strange. Hmmmm....) One evening, after I took my medications for my bronchial infection at the time, I foolishly attended the monthly Bardic workshop at Mistress Ellis' house. The subject that evening was fighter poems. One of the comments was that it is possible to write a poem knowing only the fighter's name and blazon of arms. Those two neurons on opposite sides of my head suddenly fired and I found myself thinking of the above mention song, and the arms of Sir John Theophilos (bearing three red hearts) and Sir Michael St. Sever (bearing three gold lions.) I then doubly foolishly told the rest there present, which caused most of them to loose themselves in peals of laughter; and commanded that I must write the piece. I thought it would leave me alone. It didn't. By midnight I had a rough draft, and by the noon the next day I sent a copy to my friend Siobhan ni Ehodhusa." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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