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Bardic Arts

The Duke's Night Out
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
September 10, AS XXXIII (1998)

The Duke came home in a reek
his breath igniting a flame
Ruddy of nose and cheek
stumbling down the lane
Parting we take no shame
Drunk under table and all
Sorrowfully born, the herald's morn
answered the drunkard's call

     And here is my cup to mend
     Just fill it with one more shot
     Aye, yes she was strong
          and the night it was long
     But I paid as good as I got
     Yea, I gave as good as I got.

Oh dark and deep her soul
That chose that wretched game
I could not miss my goal
But I lost it all the same
All thought in me was slain
Thrown out of tavern and all
Sorrowfully born, the herald's morn
answered the drunkard's call

Now I've been Prince and King
and have learned to show no fear
But never did loss so sting
when she took what I hold most dear
She drank up the last of my beer!
Wiser am I for a fall
Sorrowfully born, the herald's morn
answered the drunkard's call

My head is broke and sore
My guts are knotted in pain
But I'll come to settle the score
My pride once more to gain
Surely she drinks again, again
For where there's plenty of wine
there will come to your aid, this lusty maid
Let's get drunk one more time!

This piece was written for the Mists Bardic Competition, and was the entry for 'Bard's Choice -- A Piece on Fun'.

"This is one of those songs that you see or hear something that could blackmail someone later. I witnessed a drinking competition between a fairly well-known Duke and a young woman. This was my imagination explaining what would have happened next morning

"The tune is Leslie Fish's -- she wrote it for Rudyard Kipling poem "The Quest". (okay, I have to say it, "kippled fish anyone?")

(later note: Late in my term, the lady in question became Queen of the West, and the certain duke won the crown tourney she hosted as Queen.)" -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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