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Bardic Arts

Things Are Seldom As They Seem
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
October 16, AS XXXIV (1999)

Prince of Mistlands calls before him
     all who wish for victory,
crown their consort, rule us wisely,
     honor all with courtesy.
Now your Prince does lay before you
     all your trials and hardships come;
for strength and skill are not enough
     to lead when all fighting's done.
Wit in council you must hold fast;
     keep your words till last one speak.
Brav'ry show to battle's forefront;
     hold your place till last man break.
Humor shows your people's pleasure,
     kindness when their thoughts are known;
pride when arts spring forth like flowers,
     sorrow, when no seeds are sewn.
All thus far your Prince can tell you
     for as are the books on shelf:
no more can face nor cover tell you
     till you all have reigned yourself.

Written for Mists Fall Coronet:

"Their Highnesses had asked me to write something on the order of the piece I did for their Investiture, namely 'Why We Fight'." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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