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Bardic Arts

Hanz von Wolfholz
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
October 16, AS XXXIV (1999)

Hanz von Wolfholz looked to heaven,
     prayed to spirits of the sky:
"Bring my lady safely earthward."
     One lone hawk gave him reply:
"Your Ceara will here travel,
     Donald's daughter, safe as home.
But you will not see nor hold her
     till white roses you have won."
Hanza fought through all before him,
     searching for the pure white rose.
Each bore favor for some other;
     not one sign through countless foes.
Final stood a man before him:
     Brion, knight, his fame well known;
friend and brother, the rose in sight!
     His last trail to overcome.
Shields were lost with battle fierce,
     eager striking blow for blow
till at last, Sir Hanz victorious;
     single shot laid Brion low.
Hanza stands, his prize before him:
     snow white roses in his hands.
Ceara gone, but whisper breezes
     brings a voice from distant lands:
"Wait for me. I'll travel quickly,
     for your love has set me free.
The hawks have brought me safely home,
     and now your Princess I will be."

Written for Mists Fall Coronet, Victor of the Lists:

"Hanza (as he calls himself) explained that his lady, Ceara MacDonald, was not at the event. She was on her way back from a vacation. When asked (during Invocation) where she was, he rather meekly pointed up. I found out later she was on a plane flying home at that moment. Also, there was a single raptor circling over the eric. Prophetic ....

"Later, when she was picked up at the airport, Hanza rather meekly pulled out the wreath of white roses and said "Look, honey. I brough you flowers."

"(He defeated Brion of Bellatrix in the second bout, which started single sword, with a one-shot hit to the face. Nice and clean.)" -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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