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Bardic Arts

Chad Bitor
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
April 3, AS XXXIII (1999)

The Gods battledBaldur fought Thor
Rain against SunRain won a lot.
Choosing battlefieldsland against sea
swiftly strikinghumans below.
Odin, All-Fatherhearing wailing
stops his childrensets them Earthward
choosing championsto finish fighting.
Thor to Thorfinncalling kinship;
Baldur choosesBitor answers.
Norns are watching,spinning, cutting
lenghts of living;one to watch them,
one remembers,one to tell all.
Chad fells Thorfinn;Thor entreats with
Earth, his mother,that the fallen
be raised again.Thorfinn counters;
Bitor now falls.Baldur now asks
Frigg for favor;Chad stands again.
Final the combat.No more favors
can save Thorfinnwhom Chad has felled.
Baldur's championPrince of Mistland
Sun is victor. Wind still chases.

Written at/for Mists Spring Coronet:

"While this is not a required piece[of the Bard of the Mists], it is considered good form to have a piece in time for the Investiture of the Lord and Lady of the Mists. The weather that day had been awful, with scattered storms of rain and sleet mixed with brief glimpses of sun. And lots of wind; to the point that two pavilions had to go down before they failed. To top it all off, the event was advertised as a Viking style event, so most of the populace duly wore Viking garb. The finalists were Chad Bitor who beat Thorfinn Magnisson in the third bout." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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