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Bardic Arts

A Chivalrous Act
Margrethe Astrid Ravn
September 13, AS XXXII (1997)

Adam Fireoakfearless warrior
giant in sizegraceful in form;
in northern landswhere kings made war
to sell his skillin service to
the Western keep,but not with sword
steel tipped spearshis skill is true
to send swift deathvaliant fell all
Western warriorsguard the tower
Adam in turrethonors all-father
spears fly freefields run red
Valkyries toastin shieldmen's blood.
Adam looks outa spear driven
next to a manin AnTir's wake
clothed in bloodfrom friend and foe.
Ravens cryto claim their feast.
But he is whole.Adam cries out
"Stand! Live to fight!"Nothing stirs.
From tower stealsto find this one
'ere cowards' deathdisgrace his name.
Reaching, wakes himstands him upright
ready for warthen pauses, sees
the lion's headfor AnTir men.
Shieldmen salute;the way is part
to tower's gate.Adam still lives
for honor servedand second chance
for Valhall's gate:Hail Longshot's fame.

This piece was written for the Mists Bardic Competition, and was the entry for 'Bard's Choice'.

"I had to do this one. Adam is one of the best javelineers in the West Kingdom, and he has a very kind heart. One West-An Tir War he was up in the tower, throwing javelins, when one struck an An Tiran heavy with the shaft of the javelin, rather than the point, which is not considered a killing blow. But the fighter took it as good, as he probably didn't see it coming. Adam noticed this, left the tower, went outside the wall, met up with the fighter, and explained to him that the shot was not good, and he should continue fighting; and then returned to the tower (miraculously not getting killed in the process!) I used a "bastardized" half-line form, and changed the plot slightly to make a better story, and added blood guts and gore for those who need it." -- Margrethe Astrid Ravn

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