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Bardic Arts

Leah Raedaelf of Pagham,
July 26, A.S. 38

Steadfast friend, you serve as
Inspiration to each who would
Reach for higher goals.

Ardent poet, your words possess the
Ability to create for us sweet
Reality, rather than a dream.
Open armed, you welcome us with your smile;
Noble friend, we hold you close.

Offering your hand in
Friendship you greet the world.

Bold fighter, we see you standing strong,
Undaunted by your foes’ advance.
Chivalry has ever been your shield, and
Knightly virtue your mantle-
Modest you receive our praise.
Ideal companion and friend, the
Night is lit by your smile as you
Share the gift of your song.
True to all that we strive to be, you are
Ever our model, ever our friend- your
Renown will remain with you ever and always.

"For Sir Aaron of Buckminster’s Knighting Vigil." -- Leah Raedaelf of Pagham

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