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Bardic Arts

Requiem for Kylson
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham

In verse I seek to hold the very fullness of my heart,
To find release of ache within sweet song;
For one who shone as brightly as Oertha’s winter sky
When kissed by rainbow-hued and dancing light.
Full long shall I still see him weaving tales beside our fires
Where song and jest, with sparks, to heavens fly.

As if she were a fragile, jewel-wingéd butterfly,
He held so soft his dearest joy, his lady’s heart
And gently joined his voice with hers around the fires.
Oh, none could match the life that filled and shaped his every song,
Nor tire him ‘til the dawn’s first breaking light
Would steal the stars’ gleam from the dark night’s sky.

Beneath the wide blue arc of summer sky,
Where banners of the mighty boldly fly,
His sword would dance about in the bright light
As if it shared the greatness of his heart
And wove to match the beat of battle’s song
To earn word-fame around the cold nights’ fires.

Tonight, and many nights to come, we’ll light the fires,
To send the sparks up soaring toward the sky
And fill the void each with a favorite song;
That with his spirit, they may truly fly—
And so give ease to each full, aching heart
That seeks, from dark’s own deep embrace, the light.

Upon the bare wall, bathed in pools of light
That shine out from the lanterns’ taméd fires,
Hangs now unstrung the bard’s guitar; his heart
Will need it not to sound his music ‘cross the sky.
Instead, his love will e’er be seen in each bright butterfly
And heard in every voice that joins our song.

So, once again, we’ll lift his glass and fill his hall with song
That he may know our hearts can still be light;
And though the eagles soar by day, it’s with the owls we’ll fly—
For they’re the ones that join our bardic fires.
And somewhere, in the darkness, up beyond the star-lit sky,
He’ll hear the words that sound within each heart.

Upon the winds, set free to fly, recalled within each song,
His hunting heart is bound to seek the light—
For stars, celestial bardic fires, will call him home across the sky.

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