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Bardic Arts

Our Lands Treasure
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham
Cynagua Investiture, January 24, AS XXXVIII (2004)

Rise on the morning air to soar above the land;
Leave quiet life behind you now, Your challenge lies at hand.
The winter’s winds shall bear you on, they lift Your mighty wings
In search of our land’s treasure, within the halls of kings.

Soar o’er the fields and valleys, past hills that ring our home;
Fly with Your peoples’ favor, wherever You may roam.
Cynagua’s weight You carry, this trust we’ve placed in You;
Keep watch o’er all Your people, until Your day is through.

Our peaceful winter farmsteads, the splendors of the snow,
We’ll praise in song together, beside the fire’s glow.
But, still Cynagua’s people, the deeds done by each hand,
Will be the greatest treasures You’ll find within our land.

So, rise on sable wings to soar above the land;
Your people wait to follow, our strength at Your command.
Our hopes and dreams shall bear you on, we lift Your mighty wings
In search of our land’s treasures, within these halls of kings.
You’ll find all our land’s treasures within these halls of kings.

"For the Investiture of Gunther and Keisha, Prince and Princess of Cynagua." -- Leah Raedaelf of Pagham

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