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Bardic Arts

A Gift to the Khan Davin
(aka S’mores reprise)
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham,
Elsa SaxenKammer,
Frederick of Holland,
Ivone Pons Leyr
West/An Tir War A.S. XXXVIII

Herein begins the verse that sets the stage
When Davin sat in dread on Sable Throne
His message, sent to puzzle Western sage,
Would welcome here His foes and set the tone.
Five arrows bound and vermin dead He sent
To taunt the Western King and stir His ire—
But failed to touch a single element,
While Fabian Rex struck back with bardic fire.
The arrows He returned with blunted ends;
The rat became a tasty childhood treat.
And now An Tir this field again defends
With Davin Khan, our gifts we will repeat.
          Though tennis balls might be what He deserves,
          We give instead a plate of mouse S’more’d’ouevres.

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