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Bardic Arts

The Bard's Puzzle
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham
September, AS XXXVIII (2003)

A puzzle of duty I faced as a bard
When sought by the Prince of this land thatís my home
For war would He monger and fame would reward
The voices that spoke to urge war-bands* to form.

Dressed in a kirtle*, my Saxons aside
For the day, to give honor to those
Who had honored me first, but I needed a guide
To determine the path that I chose.

For praising the Mists, Dmitri asked that I sing,
And taunts to Cynagua would form
Though my words would taste vinegar* to my sworn King
I hoped I would come to no harm.

But begged of my Prince that He ask me in court
To speak out the words of my heart
And, whereupon, when He called I could report
To my King that I played just a part.

With words calling to the great warriors around
The fields of that far event rangó
And, though, to the Kingdom, not Prince, I am bound,
Iím proud of the song that I sang.

* the words I drew

"Mists Bardic Competition, 3 pieces from the hat audience participation" -- Leah Raedaelf of Pagham

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