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Bardic Arts

For Alden and Constantina
(to tune and variation of
"How Should I Your True Love Know")
Leah Raedaelf of Pagham, Bard of the West
Purgatorio Coronation, A.S. 38

We come now before the Thrones
For homage we will pay,
Giving praise to our King and Queen
We gather here this day.

Alden Rex, our mighty King,
We gave our oaths to You.
Brave in battle, standing tall,
You held our honor true.

With steadfast gaze You claimed our hearts
And gave to us Your own.
Each one pledged to defend our land
We knelt before Your Throne.

Constantina, splendor’s rose,
Our noble Western Queen,
Your smile can light the darkest sky-
The fairest star that is seen.

Wondrous lady, shining gold,
Fair patroness of arts,
To serve our land in all we do
You called unto our hearts.

And now the end of Your reign is nigh,
Our oaths You must release,
But mighty King and noble Queen
The bonds You’ve forged shall not cease.

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