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Bardic Arts

The Golden Warrior
Katryn de Ver
Cynagua Spring Coronet,
May 28, AS XXXV (2000)

In the Cynaguan day of the gentle breeze,
He stood alone among the trees.
Challenged to stand, no thought to yield
The Golden Warrior takes the field.

In days of old this warrior stood
On fertile green valley, red with blood,
Repenting of all his arm and art,
Betrayed and denied his most gentle heart.

But on this day, his foe to meet
His strong sword arm, so sure, so fleet
The honor of his lady, Cynagua to decide
His warrior life, his lady, his pride.

His foeman to meet upon this field,
Mighty blows rained down upon his shield.
One more foe must fall and yet again,
His warriors heart, it shall not win.

For deep within this warrior's breast,
Lives the soul that will always quest
For love and beauty, and days long gone
For days of Chivalry and nights of song.

Of life and death, his eyes have seen
And shed the tears for the forgotten dream.
For Hans Helwig Von Longstrum, the dream has won,
The days of Chivalry shall never be done!

"This poem is my first SCA poem and it was written as part of the "fighter" poems - everyone was to pick a fighter and write a poem ... then read it in court. This was mine. The best thing I can say about it ... it made the King get misty-eyed - I don't know ... I guess that's good. This was written for Hans Helvig Von Longstrum." -- Katryn de Ver

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